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Liturgy and Doctrine

Adobe version of the 1930 traditional Book of Common Prayer (reprinted 1932 and 1963) - the best Evangelical Book of Common Prayer that has ever been complied.1

The link will direct you to a page where the sections of the TBCP are stored.  Just click on the selection desired to load the Adobe scan of that selection.  There is also a zip file of the complete TBCP, but be aware that it is 30 megs to download!

Due to the size of these files, this resource is also available on a CD. Please email us at Traditional REC Book of Common Prayer to provide a mailing address for the CD

Adobe version of the Thirty-five Articles of Religion
The Third General Council Journal, where the Thirty-five Articles of Religion were adopted can be downloaded here. (LARGE FILE - 18 meg Considerable download time)
Adobe version of the Declaration of Principles
1 From the Preface to the Fifth Edition of the Book of Common Prayer of the Reformed Episcopal Church
Our Heritage
Bishop John Jewel's words of encouragement
Voices of the Past - Truths for today

The Primacy of the Holy Bible in the Reformed Episcopal Church

Reasons for Entering the Reformed Episcopal Church

Rev. John McDowell Leavitt - 1889

This godly minister would be shocked today!

Liturgical Observance

Bishop W. R. Nicholson, D.D.

Bishop George David Cummins
Adobe version of the REC's first bishop, Bishop George David Cummins, position on vestments as described by his widow, A. M. Cummins to Bishop Herman Hoffman

Bishop Cummins' Communion Quote

The Lord's Table and Not the Altar
Bishop Charles Edward Cheney
What (traditional) Reformed Episcopalians Believe (The Baptism Section) - Bishop Charles Edward Cheney

Bishop Charles Edward Cheney - What Reformed Episcopalians Believe - The Book of Common Prayer  Section

The Church of the Redemption
A typical Church Bulletin

Don't Call Me Father - Rev. Robert N. McIntyre


Departures from the biblical faith of the FCE/REC Founders
Pictures and program of the opening Communion (Mass) at the 51st General Council of the REC at www.TRECUS.net
Article on the Denial of the Declaration of Principles (Denial located at the official REC website)